Wednesday, 28 May 2014

True agritourism

   Krushi Paryatan is very important concept for farmers as wel as for all peoples who  are living in country ,Peoples living in city are unknown about agriculture and  condition of farmers , There  are about 80% of peoples in India who are doing farming and depend on agriculture, It is very important to grow economic condition of farmers , thousands  of Indian farmers committing suicide because of various problems they are facing , some of them are draught ,unnecessary rain, cyclone . Their investment goes waste and finally takes drastic step of suicide.
Agritourism is very important for farmers to enhance their economic condition, but now a days wrong peoples misuse this concept for their self benefit and doing business. The negative impact is that peoples who are living in city not getting true knowledge of farmers condition, there is no need to invest  lacs and crores on agritourism , this wrong peoples not farmers they earn large amount of land by wrong money and invest lacs, they don’t know abcd of agriculture .
 Agritourism is not business , it is medium, cause of meeting of city people to village people and understand village culture , right- wrong of village life, beauty of village, experience of climatic condition, acidity free testy food on cheap rate,
   I hope you understand what I want to suggest you, If you want to make your journey meaningful please go to those agritourism whose owners are farmers  and doing farming , be practical don’t go through dummy picture of village culture, be original, if you are coming from long distance learn original and see true picture of agritourism , owners who have thousands of acres  land is not farmer he is businessman and businessman only deals with profit and loss and your money . I am sending this massage on behalf of all agritourism owners who are honestly maintaining  the concept.  This peoples have lots to invest and very well known how to do business, they first come to you by means of advertising  and trap you in their net. Please understand the concept , we all people make government  and good government best policies for us development of nation. Please ask following question before visiting any  agritourism
1.       Who is owner? Is he doing farming, how much investment, can we meet to owner?

If all answers are negative it means you are going to wrong place.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Welcome to Mayur Krushi Paryatan Kendra 
  Hi Respected guests and friends Visit to my village to see dancing peacocks.
their meeting time started,
dont miss otherwise you need to wait up to next year.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Hi myself Pradip Ukirde Presently in Indian army I suggest you people to visit my village for tension-free weekend for more visit